Nodes and what you can do there

The login nodes

These nodes are the entry point to mistral. You reach them via ssh They are mainly for editing text files, starting jobs, looking at an image / … Many users have to share the memory and disk bandwidth, so please be considerate


On these nodes you can do whatever, but that also means the whole node might be crashed by your neighbors escalating python script or such. Use ssh to log in. Please behave considerately and don’t be the neighbor that crashes the wohle node.

The batch queues

You can use the standard batch queues of mistral for scripts (see for instructions) and for interactive processing. Each queue has a different specification and limitations, as described at .

For the interactive use, you can do something like

salloc -p prepost -A xz0123 -n 1 -t 12:00:00 -- /bin/bash -c 'ssh -X $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST'

If you need more resources, getting your own node might be an option:

salloc --exclusive --mem 0 -N 1 -p compute,compute2 -A YOUR_PROJECT_ID -t 8:00:00 -- /bin/bash -c 'ssh -X $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST'

If necessary, this can be combined with --constraint=128G or --constraint=256G to get nodes with more memory (those are scarce resources so be kind to others…) Note that this needs the --mem 0 to become effective.

See also for more details.