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Three different globes with increasing level of detail. The refinement of the globes illustrates the development of Earth system models in the recent years.

DKRZ has created easy.gems as a user-driven site for documenting high-resolution climate simulation output and its increasingly challenging analysis. While it started within the frame of the DYAMOND intercomparison initiative, it is aimed at going beyond individual projects and at documenting all “simulation gems” hosted at DKRZ.

The book comprises three main chapters, one providing information on the currently included Simulations, another one providing hints and example scripts for Processing the data, and a last one explaining ways to Contribute and join this community effort.


Joint nextGEMS–EERIE–hackathon

See Joint nextGEMS - EERIE hackathon for more info.

easy.gems needs your expertise!

Please consider opening an issue for missing or unclear statements or add your tips, scripts and other information.