Cycle 1 ICON dpp0052#

Location (now on Levante):



Coupled atmosphere and ocean (ICON-O) and land model JSBACH

Simulated period:

20 Jan 2020 00:00 - 1 Mar 2021 00:00

  • horizontal grid spacing of 5km (R02B09) for ocean and atmosphere, comprising 20971520 grid columns and 14886338 grid columns for the ocean

  • number of vertical levels for the atmosphere: 90 terrain following layers (#1 at top, 90 boNom), top at 75km, lowest at 25m

  • number of vertical levels for the ocean: 128

  • resolved atmospheric physical processes: shallow and deep convection, sub-grid scale orography, gravity wave drag

  • parameterised processes: all-or-nothing scheme for the cloud cover, 1-Moment micro-physics with graupel, 3d Smagorinsky turbulence scheme, psRad radiation scheme

  • ocean spin-up run initialised with ORAS5 (30km), spun-up with ERA5 forcing (10 years at 10km and 5 years at 5km)

  • new vertical coordinate z* in the ocean: variable coordinate system, which allows thin layers (here 2m at top) and thick sea-ice

  • atmosphere time step set to 40 sec, ocean time step set to 120 sec