nextGEMS pre-final#

The nextGEMS pre-final simulations build on cycle 3 experience plus adaptations for multi-decadal experiments. This includes improvements in the configuration (updated schemes and features) and some changes in the output. The simulations will be analyzed during the 4th km-scale hackathon in Hamburg in March 2024.

As before, pre-final simulations can be accessed through the nextGEMS intake catalog:

import intake
cat = intake.open_catalog("")


output on 2 healpix levels, regular 0.25 deg, and native grid


The ICON simulations use hierarchical HEALPix output. Please have a look at the introduction on Hierarchical HEALPix output for advice on data access.

TL;DR; Take ngc4008 for the run with the latest fixes and adjustments.

If you need a longer run, take ngc4006 (15 a) or ngc4008 (10 a, possibly extended;in progress)

For a quick look at results and output available, see

ngc4005 [1]:
ssp370 like scenario run from 2020
⚠ intermittent changes in output configuration
⚠ at model date 2024-04-01, sea-ice parameters were adjusted to yield more summer sea ice
⚠ contains a bug in the land surface energy balance
ngc4006 [2]
continues ngc4005 until 2040, finalized output configuration. Same caveats apply
ngc4007 [3]
restart ssp370-like scenario run from 2020. Includes bug fix for land energy balance, and a modification of the cloud liquid inhomogeneity factor to account for boundary layer clouds. Starts with the 2020 initial conditions like ngc4005, but the hydrological discharge model was re-adjusted using data from model year 2030 of ngc4006
ngc4008 [4]
as ngc4007, but slightly retuned inhomogeneity factor
Severe issues in the sea ice cover (esp. visible in late 2025).
somewhere between cycle3 and pre-final
includes HAMOCC for ocean biogeochemistry
Output on the native grid