Cycle 2 ICON 5km (ngc2009)#

Location on disc:


Location of intake catalog:


Grid file locations:
  • horizontal grid atm: /pool/data/ICON/grids/public/mpim/0015/

  • horizontal grid ocean: /pool/data/ICON/grids/public/mpim/0016/

  • vertical grid: /work/bm1235/k203123/experiments/ngc2009/run_20200120T000000-20200203T235920/

Simulated period:

2 annual cycles 20 Jan 2020 to 1 Mar 2022

  • horizontal grid spacing of 5km (R02B09) for ocean and atmosphere, comprising 20971520 grid columns and 14886338 grid columns for the ocean

  • number of vertical levels for the atmosphere: 90

  • number of vertical levels for the ocean: 128

  • 2020 greenhouse gas and aerosol conditions

  • The data files listed here were accidentally deleted