Cycle 2 ICON 5km (ngc2009_irad33)#

Location on disc:


Location of intake catalogs:
  • /work/bm1235/b380952/experiments/ngc2009_OXF_10day_irad33/irad33.json

  • /work/bm1235/b380952/experiments/ngc2009_OXF_10day_irad33/irad33_1deg.json

  • /work/bm1235/b380952/experiments/ngc2009_OXF_10day_irad33/irad33_01deg.json

Location of grid files:
  • horizontal grid: /pool/data/ICON/grids/public/mpim/0015/

  • vertical grid: /work/bm1235/b380952/experiments/ngc2009_OXF_10day_irad33/run_20200822T000000-20200831T235920/

Simulation period:
  • spin-up of 10 days from 22 Aug 2020 to 01 Sep 2020

  • horizontal grid spacing: 5km (R02B09) comprising 20971520 grid columns

  • number of vertical levels: 90

  • model time step: 40 sec

  • no ocean model

  • land model JSBACH

  • plume model MACv2-SP with some modifications

Plume model MACv2-SP:
  • original version described in publication from Stevens et al.

  • coupling with graupel and radiation schemes:
    • dNovrN from plume model used to enhance background CDNC in graupel scheme (background CDNC of 80 cm-3)

    • dNovrN from plume model also used to enhance CDNC profile in radiation scheme (background CDNC of 80 cm-3 at surface)

    • change in CDNC in graupel scheme solely impacts autoconversion rate

  • modifications:
    • relationship of AOD and CDNC updated as described in Herbert et al.

    • biomass burning plumes (S America, C S Africa, Maritime Continent) adjusted so that anthropogenic component is 75 percent of total AOD

    • seasonal cycle removed and replaced with constant weights taken from mean during September

    • annual weights extended beyond 2017 and held at 2017 values