nextGEMS Cycle 1#

The Cycle 1 simulations are based on the DYAMOND Winter simulations, but run for one year at about 5 km horizontal resolution and for 2 to 3 months at 2.5 km resolution. Within Cycle 1, first bugs were detected and fixed such that some further runs are available with improved configuration.

Please find here an overview of the processed variables of Cycle 1


Here’s a first overview of the IFS Cycle 1 simulations:


The original Cycle 1 simulation from ICON developed out of the latest DYAMOND-Winter run (dpp0029) and is called dpp0052. This simulation was analyzed during the nextGEMS Cycle 1 Hackathon in October 2021.

Continuous development and especially the transition from the old (Mistral) to the new (Levante) supercomputer lead to significant workflow improvements (new compiler, new scripting). The dpp0066 (5 km) and dpp0067 (2.5 km) runs are the latest Cycle 1 simulations run on Levante. They include improvements on the model physics such as a bug fix for the surface wind stress over the ocean. A publication describing these simulations will be submitted end on June 2022. Those runs also served as a basis for a student hackathon at UCM (Madrid) in April 2022.