The DYAMOND Model intercomparison(s)

The DYAMOND Model intercomparison(s)

The initiative DYAMOND (DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains) sets up a framework for the intercomparison of global storm-resolving models, i.e. an emerging class of atmospheric circulation models.

DYAMOND addresses three main questions:

  1. Where do the storm-resolving simulations agree and provide deeper insights into the climate system?

  2. How sensitive are the simulations to a particular implementation?

  3. What are performance and analysis bottle necks associated with global storm-resolving models?

The intercomparison has resulted in several publications. If you use DYAMOND intercomparison data in your research, we request you follow the guidelines for acknowledging DYAMOND data. Find more details at the ESiWACE DYAMOND page.

The DYAMOND intercomparison is coordinated by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) and the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) and supported by the Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE). In case of questions, please contact the DYAMOND coordination team via: