DKRZs JupyterHub#

You like to analyse the big data sets stored at DKRZ by using Python, R or Julia scripts?

Then, DKRZs JupytherHub is the perfect tool to do so!

It allows to execute the notebook directly on the DKRZ HPC system Levante and therefore has the following advantages:

  • no need to copy any data, e.g. to your home device

  • Levantes nodes which might be faster than your ones

  • you can make use of parallel computation of your scripts

  • project compute resources can be used

  • nextGEMS and DYAMOND provide intake catalogues of their experiments, so you can search and load data files directly into your Python script

  • notebooks can easily be shared with others


JupyterHub is available at You need a DKRZ user account (user-id), which has to be part of a compute project with resources to Levante.

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